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  • Global Network of independent, highly-skilled and highly-experienced Specialists and Subject Matter Experts.

  • Platform that allows Technical Managers, Technical Specialists, Trainers and also Technology Developers to collaborate and provide integrated, multi-disciplinary services to resource companies worldwide.

  • Network Members have all gained extensive and diverse experience by working on numerous projects with many international and national resource companies around the world, including major operating companies and/or service companies.

Ralf Oppermann

Principle Geoscientist, Service Company Director, and RTN Managing Director

  • Award-winning Senior Geologist, Seismic Interpreter and Technical Advisor

  • 27 years of broad international experience with Shell (15yrs), Chevron (3yrs) and as a Consultant (9yrs)

  • Specialized in Seismic Reservoir Characterization

  • Developed new workflows for high-resolution fault delineation and detailed asset evaluation

Wesley Emery

Principle Petrophysicist, Service Company Director, and RTN Technical Director

  • Senior Petrophysicist

  • 25 years experience in the Petroleum Industry in South East Asia, Australia and the U.K.

  • Standard and Advanced Petrophysical Evaluations of Clastic and Carbonate Reservoirs

  • Specialised in predicting and populating petrophysical properties into the 3D Seismic volume

Peter Marszal

Principle Production Technologist, Service Company Director, and RTN Technical Director

  • Principle Production Technologist, Subject Matter Expert

  • 38 years experience in the Resource Industry

  • Experience in Field Development and Operations.

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